Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pioneer, Hang In There! Our Reaching-Out Endeavor

It is a beautiful and glorious day.  The sun has risen majestically and is radiating positively and cheerfully over the Earth and over all elements.  We all resume our daily activities, executing our duties as planned, performing our tasks as scheduled (*1), reaching-out to others as required and as commanded by the divine plan to mankind on Planet Earth (*2).  We re-iterate and pause on the expression “reaching out” because it has a different meaning for different people.

For God, “reaching out” means attempting to redeem and to rescue frantically those for whom He came to Earth and died for so that through His resurrection, we all may have everlasting life (*3), (*4).  That is also why Jesus Christ said to His disciples: “My Father’s house has many rooms;...I am going there to prepare a place for you” (*5).  Consequently, since the promise is real and true, we must fulfill the imperative requirements (*6) (*7) to fully obtain and receive our inheritance at the appointed time.

For the everyday folks, “reaching out” means working laboriously, interacting friendly, respectfully, peacefully and harmoniously with others while we earn our living.  It also means continuously building bridges, connecting with others, encouraging others, developing strategies towards boosting other peoples’ morale the most we can, and as often as possible.  Therefore, we always develop great rapport and solid relationships, while we constantly and consciously create an extended family in the workplace, in the marketplace, in our social and spiritual places of gathering, of mingling, of networking, in our communities and in our society.  That is why we ought to get along very well with one another and perpetuate a loving, supportive and harmonious relationship with our fellow humans on a daily basis as it was intended to be according to God’s original plan for mankind (*8).

For the Essential Services Providers and Workers, “reaching out” means providing wholeheartedly the essential services to all with respect, in love and with great ethics as agreed and as promised.  The good news is this: whether you know it or not, you have delivered as promised and as expected, and you are truly loved, greatly admired and more appreciated than you think despite the fact that nobody boldly comes forward to officially thank you personally.  You are loved, period. Therefore, continue to serve, to do, to protect, to perform, to care for, to nurture steadily and constantly as you are intrinsically, naturally and professionally called, compelled and motivated. Our thankfulness towards you is immense. Your rewards go far beyond your salary or your paycheck.  Your rewards and your blessings are divinely-perpetual.

For the Pastors, the Clergy Personnel, the Spiritual Leaders and Workers, the Volunteers, the Altruists, the Philanthropists, “reaching out” means that your self-sacrificial love and giving, your passion, your encouragement, your uplifting words, your selfless deeds, your boosting support, your dispensed compassion are morally uplifting, positively impacting, highly regarded, and are expectantly depended upon.  The Great Admiration and the Reciprocal Love of the public for you are eminent, grandiose and real although subtle, unexpressed, reserved and silent. Your Divine Rewards are immeasurable.

All the above is the introduction to the following:

The Pioneer, in their solitude, in their solitary state, or in their actively-laborious mode, needs to be “reached out” to and to be offered an extended hand.  The Pioneer, the first in line, the first on the front line, the first to arrive, the first on a new soil, the forerunner in their families, the first to be, to become, to get it, to create it, to make it, those who overcome obstacles and who break barriers for a positive change, the Pioneer in Sports, the Pioneer in Arts, the Pioneer in Technology, the Pioneer in Media, the Pioneer in  Politics, the Pioneer in Science, the Pioneer in Business, the Pioneer in their respective fields, and so on, those with a great dream, those with a fabulous vision, those who strive painstakingly and those who have worked very hard to make that dream come true, have been overlooked over and over again, and taken for granted while they deserve our support and our encouragement. They earn our owed admiration and our indebted gratitude.  You, Pioneer, who may be in unwanted seclusion, in pain, in solitude, in that hospital bed, in that convalescent state, in some forms of “unfair” predicaments, or challenges, or trials, or testing, or even neglected, we are “reaching out’ to you right now, at this present moment.  Therefore, you are NOT alone or forgotten anymore.

Passionate Pioneer and Hard Worker, we ought to remind you and to assure you that you have our collective moral support and this is our heart-filled expression of appreciation to you.  We encourage you to stay the course, to keep the pace and to maintain the momentum. Your work will live on, your legacy is assured and this is a guarantee. Your performance is evident, your results are convincing and your hard work does have long-lasting, generational and permanent effects.  Your excellent fruits, your great deeds, your service to society, your breakthrough, your unique outcome, your triumph, your absolutely-best products, your accomplishments, your achievements, your milestones do speak on your behalf and testify of your remarkable Dedication, of your spirit of Excellence and of your passionate Labor of Love.  We are all praying for you to be strong, to be unshakable, to continue to believe in divine miracles, and to expect and depend on divine guidance, on divine covering, or on divine recovery / recovering as the case may be.

Rejoice Pioneer, in spite of any unpleasant circumstances, tough challenges or ordeals.  Again we say, Rejoice! You are in our minds always, we keep you in our prayers and we thank God that we are a part of your life.  In good, highly, flattering ways (or even otherwise) you are spoken about and spoken of, anyway and anyhow. You Made ItWe salute youWe acclaim youWe celebrate you.  Therefore, Pioneer, hang in there! Remain focused, steadfast and unwavering.  You have a job to complete, you have a race to continue and to finish. And, really, it is not over until it is over. Thus, Victory is yours already. God is with you always, and His Angels surround you at all times.

You may have invited Jesus Christ into your life and into your heart already.  If you did, Great! Your pro-activity is wonderful. If you have not done it yet, do not fume or fret, for it is not too late.  We would then encourage you and recommend that you take this opportunity to invite Jesus Christ into your heart since He died for you and for all of us.  Accepting Him is not difficult at all. We have done it quite a while ago. That is how we know that it is not difficult. And contrarily to misconception or to fear of the unknown, Christianity is not scary, or narrow, or shallow, or boring, or limiting, or full of dull and brain-dead people either, as mistakenly being thought of, or as negatively and wrongly being perceived from a distance.  We know otherwise because we are an integral part of it. Christianity is rather joyful, lively, elevating, empowering, auto-boosting, consolidating, propelling. It is also having a deep communion, the great assurance and a steady relationship with Jesus Christ. After all, how can accepting and acknowledging the LOVE of God for you be doubtful? We can assure you that it is glorious, beautiful and absolutely liberating.

The only best way to acknowledging and consolidating Jesus’ love for you is through water baptism by immersion (*9).  You accept Him into your life through repentance, confession and by saying the sinner prayer that is a prayer of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.  You also confidently acknowledge, receive, fully embrace and solemnly seal His great love to you through water baptism.

Once you find a Pastor of a Bible-believing Church that is preaching the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who will take you to the process, and once you are water baptized, that’s it.  You have got it. You will then be connected to your Pastor for follow-up, for subsequent teaching, for mentoring, for your spiritual upbringing and for your spiritual growth. The sooner you act, the better it is.  It is solely and entirely yours. Only you can and must claim it for yourself.  Therefore, do not let this opportunity pass you by.  Delaying it or postponing it may be detrimental, vain and costly.  In these times of bad news about Tsunami, flood, earthquakes, tornadoes, unrest everywhere, the certainty of later or of tomorrow is not fully guaranteed.

That is why we are making this offer to you today, Pioneer, and that is why we are sharing the hope, the assurance and the certainty of our promised everlasting life with you.  We truly hope you get it, Pioneer.  Because, once you get it, once the Holy Spirit in us will begin to manifest Himself and to magnify His life and His joy also in you, and that you will realize that we were very serious about you, you will begin also to do the same for others out of great excitement and out of Divine Love for them, i.e., sharing with them what we are sharing with you right now.  It is too glorious and too wonderful to keep and to hide this great news, this great joy, this great promise merely to oneself or to ourselves. That is why we are getting busy and motivated to tell it, to express it, to share it, "the LOVE of GOD", deliberately and unselfishly with you, with others and with ALL one way or another, like that overwhelmed woman in the New Testament did after her surprised encounter with Jesus Christ (*10).

We wish you All the Best, Pioneer. And once again, you are Not alone.  Boldness has always been a catalyst and your motivation.  The joy of the Lord is our Strength. Yet, Divine Grace is your ushering element and attribute.  The Grace of the LORD brings forth Humility, and by Faith all things are possible (*11). We are with you every step of the way.

We wish you a Happy Easter in Love and Peace, Pioneer.  Congratulations and Cheers!
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Special Notes:
#1. The "Reference" list above is given solely for information purposes to the avid, the curious and the eager minds like us who like to do research, who want to deepen their knowledge and to widen their understanding in their leisure time.  Life is fun. Therefore, let us have some fun while digging for, while learning and while sharing the right information.

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#5.  "We are Going Boldly into the www (world wide web) and into the world in accordance with GOD's LOVE for the World".  Joseph Dubois.

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