Monday, October 13, 2014

God Is Able

Are you in a state of confusion?  Is the weight of your pain so heavy that it keeps you down?  Are you sad and alone?  Do you feel lonely with no trusted person to confide in to?  Are you in some precarious situation that seems to have no point of exit and no way out?  Are you in a voluntary self-isolation and withdrawal due to your sadness, due to your trouble, due to your pain, due to your deception, due to a betrayal, or due to your “thought or feeling of failure or guilt”?  Are you wondering where are you going to find that money to go through that last-minute emergency, or to pay that bill, or to meet that important and urgent obligation?  Is that challenge so troublesome and so worrisome that you are about to quit?  Are you wondering where is God in all of this?

Well, Good NewsGod is here with you right now, in that moment of panic, in the midst of your confusion, and in that state of despair.  The decision you are about to make is being guided by Him.  The provisions that you need to go through today, to go through the next day, and beyond, are already taken care of.

This is to tell you to hang in there, to have faith, to pray for the vital answer that you need, to be prepared for that crucial and precious outcome that you expect and depend on.  God is here with you.  He will make sure that you do not give up, and that you confirm His Omnipotence, His Omnipresence, and His Omniscience by the miracles He is going to operate in your life, by the outcome He is going to orchestrate in your situation, by the turnaround He is going to generate in your business, in your finances, in your affairs, and by the restoration He is going to implement in your life and in your family.  He is going to save your life, to spare your neck, to avoid the chaos and the fiasco, to assure your protection, to prevent you from failing and from falling, and to shield you from experiencing shame and disgrace.  He is going to provide you with a way of escape from that entrapping trouble, from that malicious setup.  He is going to deliver you from pain, from the uncertainty of tomorrow.  He is going to free you up from doubt, and even from guilt.

The same way that Jesus was able to raise Himself from the dead three days after His burial, the same way that Jesus was able to calm the fury of the storm while He was in the boat with His disciples, the same way that Jesus was able to feed the multitude that came to listen to His teaching, the same way that Jesus was able to give sight to the blind man, this is the same way that God, Jesus Christ, is able today to handle your case, your situation, your circumstance, and to give you peace, victory, relief, provisions, answers, and solutions.
Yes, God is able to restore your smile and your laughter.  God is able to fill your life with liveliness.  God is able to blossom your finances.  God is able and capable to give you insights and strategies that make your business flourish, very competitive, and very profitable.  God is able to heal your hurt and your wound.  God is able to cure your nagging ailment and your stubborn illness.  God is able to end the crisis.  God is able to bring new life to your relationship.  God is able to spark your joy again.  God is able to fill your life with new level of entertainment, and your heart with new desire for happiness.  Since He created you and has placed you here on Earth, God is able to make you happy, joyful, self-sufficient, and subsequently, helpful to others.  God is able to remove and to reverse all inadequacies, all anomalies, and all deficiencies.  God is able to make your dreams come true.  And, because of His faithfulness and of His Big Love for you, God is able to give you the legitimate desires of your heart.

Therefore, once again, be hopeful, be faithful, and be prayerful.  God will give you joy, victory, peace, provisions, the answer, the clarity, the way out, the zest for life, the joy of living, the freedom in your mind, the free flow of your heart.  He will grant you your desire to stand tall, strong, confident, and liberated within yourself, in your heart, and in your mind.  He will make sure that you realize that great dream, that seemingly-utopian accomplishment, and that you complete that dreamed project.  Why?  God is Able.  He is also loving and caring.  Your joy is His joy.  Your success is His success.  Your happiness is His happiness.  Nothing is too big for God.  With God, all things are possible.  And, this is a Guarantee.

Afterwards, and in the end, when all the odds, the turmoil, and the ordeals are over, your multiple forms of Praise to Him, and of Worship of Him will be His delight.  Your various forms of Thanksgiving to Him will be like a treasured fragrance to his nostrils.  That is why God is pleased, willing, and eager to see you happy, healthy, prosperous, joyful, successful, having peace, enjoying a great life, wealthy, and overflowing with surplus.  As His hands extended here on Earth, you are His Chosen Solution to others, His Assigned Comforter to your neighbor, His Designated Encourager to many, His Trusted, His Mandated, and His Secure Eradicator of the crisis of others.

Therefore, Be Strong, Be Encouraged, Be Persistent, and Be Comforted!  And, always remember, and constantly remind yourself the convincing fact that:  God Is Able

Post Scriptum: This specific blog post that is published today on Thanksgiving Day (Canada) is my form of Thanksgiving to God after a long period (several months) of trials, testing, challenges, including bodily harm, and my recent severe foot injury (I am still going for physiotherapy, tests, and massage sessions) that could have left me paralysed for life, and that could have forced me to give up all and to quit.  But God miraculously intervened, spared me, kept me going strong, and moving forward with the sheer assurance of complete recovery, and with the sure confidence of total restoration.  That is how I am able to know and to confirm again today that God is Able to preserve lives, to protect people in the midst of storms, of hardships, of challenges, of accidents, of dangers, and to operate miracles.  That is why I am able to persevere in spite of all, in the midst of all, and through it all.  That is also why I am able to say confidently to you who are reading this blog post to persevere, to be patient, to be persistent, to be prayerful, to remain positive.  Do Not Give Up!  God Is Able.


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