Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Fruit Of Faith

Life, as a God's creation, is full of beauty, and is a display of wonders.  We have at our disposal all that we need to live and to sustain life.  Greatly enough, we are also equipped with skills, knowledge, intelligence that enable us to create, to build, to innovate on a continuous basis.  That is why we keep on developing products, writing books, writing new songs, composing new music, creating new software, generating new and improved apps to assure the continuity of our progress, and to confirm the flow and the establishment of our success.

Besides all our present feat, and in spite of all our current achievements, accomplishments, breakthroughs, and conquests, we still, at times, find ourselves in tight places, in tough situations, in sudden and unpredictable predicaments, and in uncontrollable challenges that have the full potential to wreck our lives, to shake our Faith, to weaken our belief, to create havoc, to even prompt us to question God by asking Him why, how come, and why me, to challenge our self-confidence.  When those times come, unless we know who we are, where we stand, and what we have, unless we have a strong faith in God, unless we have a strong anchor and an unbreakable shielding system, unless we are surely equipped, we run the risk to lose the battle, to give up, to lose the faith in ourselves, to give in to temptations, to take the quick escape,  to dwell into illusions, to adhere to odd clingings for support, or to hide behind false mechanisms such as drinking, and so on. Some even become rude or violent due to their inability to cope, to deal with the stressful situation or the urgent matter, and due to the fact of not being equipped to withstand the heat, to stand firm and strong, to dig within for the needed solution, to skillfully face the challenges, to absorb the impact, and to manage the outcome of the bad news, and the demand of the tight requirements, of the pressing expectations, of that fast-approaching deadline, and so on.  We could even forget to pray and to call on God altogether.

The good news is that the solution to a lot of our problems is already available to us and, most of the time, rests in our own hands, and resides in our own inner self.  All it takes oftentimes is our determination to face the problem for what it is, and to decide to draw from our natural and innate resource in order to resolve it, and to be victorious.  In some cases, the solution may require that we do the unusual, (or the publicly-misunderstood) out of sheer obedience, in order to trigger, to activate, and to bring about the crucial and vital results.

The following cases in the Bible remind us of the instances when people have to do unusual things, and take unusual steps to obtain the desired, the anticipated, the expected, and the imperative results:

  • A woman was in a deep debt situation, and the creditors threatened to take away her sons as slaves in exchange as a form of payment for her debts.  When asked by the Prophet Elisha what she does have available in her house, as per her natural knowledge, she replied "nothing except a small jar of olive oil." The Prophet then instructed her to collect as many empty jars as she could find.  After she did and begun to pour oil into the empty jars, they all became miraculously filled with oil that she sold and used the money to pay off all her debts to her creditors, and be free.  (2 Kings 4:1-7) ("The Widow's Olive Oil")
  • Joshua was directed by God to walk with the armed men around the Jericho walls silently seven times, and to shout at the end of the seven times.  (Joshua 6) (Full Chapter).  Out of obedience and "By faith the walls of Jericho fell, after the army had marched around them for seven days." (Hebrews 11:30).  Joshua did exactly what he was directed to do, and the Jericho walls collapsed.
  • Hebrews 11 (Full Chapter), titled "Faith In Action", also referred to as "The Book of Faith", is a listing of many cases where, by Faith, many great exploits were accomplished.  

The above cases are just some examples of faith coupled with obedience that triggers the positive outcome, that leads to the vital solution, and that produces wonders.  In our days, we possess, as well, the same faculty to be obedient by faith, and the same ability to take the initiative that enables us to activate our potentials in order to achieve the optimistic outcome, and the positive results.  The key to our success in many instances resides in our determination and in our willingness to make that decision, and to take action, at times, quick and prompt actions since fleeting time may work against us if we delay, or if we procrastinate.

The skills, the talents, the unique expertise that we possess, the art that we practiced, the craft that we mastered, and that constitute the components of your inherent strength, must be put to work and be utilized when it is deeply required and urgently needed to generate and to produce the catalytic and life-saving results.  That is why we must not keep them selfishly to ourselves, or hidden solely to ourselves, or buried within ourselves.  We must share them by putting them to use for the benefit of others, either through Volunteering, or through any other opportunities that will present themselves to us, or that we will create, or in using any format or platform that will be available to us.

One may say that they do not have any special skills, any special talent, and so on.  However, if we were to take the inventory of our inner self, or if we were to assess our potentials and the strength that we possess inside, we would have realized how rich and loaded we are, how much innate substance that we possess, how much intrinsic capability that we are equipped with, and subsequently, how many options that we have.

By Faith, the people in Biblical times did use their obedience, their skills, their innate ability to bring forth the results and the outcome that they envisioned, that they anticipated, and that they needed.  In our times, we are using our innate skills, our developed talents, our capabilities, our faith in God and in ourselves to resolve our issues, and to create the imperative solution to our problems.

This specific blog post is a prelude to greater things to come, and the precursor of my first-released products.  I would like to request, for the first time, that you invest in my firstly-released products to come, and that you purchase my upcoming and soon-to-be-released book.    It will include this current blog post, and it will represent the tool, the item that I have available in my hands, and that I am using diligently "by faith" towards an urgent solution.  It will enable me to stand firm and strong, and to remain confident while I am passing through an extremely-challenging and a very demanding phase in my life.  I "Thank You Very Much" in advance for your investment of money, for your reading time, and for your word of mouth to others.  I also "Thank You Very Much" in advance for your encouragement, for your mutual exchange, for spreading the news, and for your officially-requested support.

"By Faith we Create it.  By Faith you Embrace it".  Thank You Very Much.

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