Sunday, February 5, 2017

New Book Release

Dear Special Reader:

This blog post, in the form of a letter, is to inform you that all the blog posts that I have published to-date have made it into a book format.  The first version is a self-published ebook that has just been released.  The title of the ebook is "Thank You Very Much To God And To You".  This is my Very First Venture in the book publishing field, and this is my Introduction with the New Ebook Format.  I Invite You to please Check It Out.

I am a strong proponent of Gratitude and Thanksgiving.  Therefore:
  • I forever say "Thank You to God" for my Health, my Education, my Country, my Favors, my Multiple Blessings, my Gifts, my Connections, for His Love, and for You.
  • I forever say "Thank You to You", my Very Special Reader, for your Loyalty, your Faithfulness, your Motivation, your Time, for your Love, and for your Connection.
I Greatly Appreciate You.  I Truly Treasure You. 

Thanks & Cheers!

Joseph G. Dubois

1 comment:

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