Monday, December 9, 2019

Welcome Home

The following examples in the Bible are used to illustrate and to introduce a very important point.
  1. A certain man was giving a banquet.  All the preparation was done, the table was set, and none of the invited guests showed up.  The host master then asked his servants to go to all the streets and alleys, to invite and to bring in to the banquet the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame. (Bible/NIV/Luke 14:15-24).
  2. A lame and handicapped man named Mephibosheth was living a normal life and a routine day when, suddenly, the King, King David, sent looking for him, and to bring him to the palace for him to eat at the King's table. (2 Samuel 9:7); (Bible/NIV/ 2 Samuel 9/ Whole Chapter).
  3. The prodigal son, upon returning home after regaining his senses, was received jubilantly by his father who put on a feast and a big celebration for him.  The father said: "For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found."  (  (Bible/NIV/Luke 15:11-31).
  4. The shepherd that lost a sheep, left the ninety-nine sheep to go and look for the single sheep that was lost.  When he finds it, he carries it on his shoulders to make sure that he brings the lost sheep back home to be with the other ninety-nine sheep where it belongs.  (Bible/NIV/Luke 15:3-7) (
The point to justify and to confirm the examples listed above is this: Each one of us is a VIP ("Very Important Person"), and Highly Important to God.  Whether we think and feel unworthy to fit in, whether we have wandered far away from our place of divine status and of strong standing, whether we carry any form of stigma, or guilt, whether we are stained, or stigmatized, we are still "Very Precious To God".  Jesus Christ, our Father, has left His Throne in Heaven to come to Earth looking for each one of us.  Our current self-imposed status of unfit in our minds, our current unstable and shaky state due to our circumstance "do not" and "will never" deter Jesus from loving us.  He is determined to make sure that we get uplifted, that we are restored, that we stand strong, that we make it, and that we get a sound way out of our turmoil and out of our hardships being imposed by our condition, and by our circumstance.  He is our Beloved Father. He will "never" forsake us, or ignore us on purpose. He is eager to see us joyful and happy as we live our lives to the fullest in accordance with His Plan for us, as we come Home, and as we return Home where we belong.

Like in the case of the lost sheep being carried back home on the shepherd's shoulders, like in the case of lame Mephibosheth being uplifted and honored by King David himself, like in the case of the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind being specifically searched for on the streets and being officially invited to partake at the Host's banquet,  like in the case of the prodigal son that sparked great joy in the heart of his father upon his voluntary return home, Jesus Christ is saying joyfully to each and every one of us: "Welcome Home".  He came to Earth more than two thousand years ago to teach us, to guide us, and to usher us Home. Jesus Christ is still on the job today through His Faithful, His Tireless, His Passionate, His Loyal, His Devoted, and His Holy Spirit-Filled Servants to teach us, to guide us, and to usher us Home.

In case you need to locate a Bible-believing Church in your area and in your surroundings, we recommend that you use Google Maps on your electronic device, and that you search for "Evangelical Church" or "Christian Church" to find a Church near you, and to initiate your journey.  The Church Personnel is friendly, warm, loving, inviting, "non-discriminating", and welcoming. The Church's arms are wide open, ready to accept you, and willing to embrace you.  It is Worthwhile. It is Priceless.

Welcome Home!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Stay The Course

To have a strong faith is to know convincingly that you have genuinely done the right thing in God’s eyes, that your heart is in good standing with God, and that your conscience is at peace with God.

God’s Omniscience knows all truth, knows everything about you, about your heart, about your life, and about your circumstances. God knows how hard you have tried to please Him, to honor His requests, to execute His commands. God knows how hard you work in your desire to fulfill your duty and to accomplish your assigned tasks. God knows the pressure you constantly experience in order to stand strong, to remain steadfast in your calling, to deliver as per the requirements of your position, and to meet the demands of your job. He has prepared you since when you were in your mother’s womb for the demanding requirements of your assignment.

You cannot stop. Your cannot give up. You cannot quit. You cannot give in. You have to buckle up. You have to tighten your belt. You have to fasten your seat belt. You have to gird your heart. You have to ride the storms. You have to remain strong. Ultimately, you have to fly above the clouds, and you have to navigate as per the Powerful Conqueror that you are. You have to surround yourself with the Brave, the Street-Smart, the Faithful, the Prayerful, the Dedicated, and the Wise at heart. You have to have Faith in God. You have to nurture and to develop strong confidence in yourself. Above all, you have to be in clear conscience with God. And, you have to be in good standing with God. He will brighten your path, He will clarify your vision along the way. You are “In God’s Good Hands”. God’s Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience cover you, defend you, protect you, shield you in all and through all. His Plans through you, His Chosen One, will prevail regardless and nevertheless. Simply, be alert, be wise, and be attentive to His Voice, to His Instructions, and to His Commands.

There is a time when, under the pressure of the reality of the hour, your close friends, your close allies may desert you. It even happened to Jesus Himself when one of His closest allies / disciples denied knowing Him out of fear. (Bible/NIV/Luke 22:54-62)

God will never leave you or forsake you. (Bible/NIV/Joshua 1/Read Full Chapter). He will never be ashamed of you. He will never stay away from you. He will never drop you. He will never reject you out of disdain, out of repulsion, out of disgust, out of being fed up with you, out of getting enough of you. He will never disappoint you. He is Omnipresent. He is Omnipotent. He is Omniscient. He is Compassionate. He is Tenderhearted. His LOVE is Unfailing. His arms are wide opened, ready to embrace you, eager to accept you, willing to hug you, happy to comfort you.

Deep down, and very seriously, you know that you are right, and you know that you have done the right thing(s). Yet, the storms are raging around you and against you, circumstances and events seem to portray a cloudy and gloomy picture regarding you and concerning your deeds. You seem lost in the misunderstanding of others. Remember this: The mob around Jesus was shouting “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”, Him, The Sent-One who came to save the World, and to redeem us all, the sinners and the lost.

You "Stay The Course", no matter what. Although you do good, yet your reward seems to be evil. Although you sow good, yet you seem to reap chaos and havoc. You mean good due to the fact that you have a different perspective as per your strategic standing point. Yet, nobody else sees what you see. Nobody else knows what you know. The people are “not” in your shoes. There are things that they will “never” know, that they will “never” grasp, and that they will “never” understand. They have abandoned Jesus. Therefore, who are we to think that we will always have smooth sailing, that we will be exempted from indifference, from coldness, from misunderstanding, that we will always have friends, co-operators, allies to support us, to encourage us, to motivate us, to sympathize and to empathize with us? The good news is that God is with you, Sir, God is with you, Madam. Therefore, You absorb the heat, You withstand the pressure, You ride the storms, You manage the adversity, You control the hostility, You anchor your Faith in God. You can do it. You were created in God’s image. You have the Holy Spirit leading you, guiding you, teaching you, directing you. You Are Not Alone.

When all is done and completed, when the blowing winds subside, when the roaring waters calm down, when the fury of the storm is gone, all will realize that you were right all along, that you have done the right thing. The truth will be revealed, the outcome will speak eloquently on your behalf, and the evident reality will do you justice. You will stand as the pro-active, the informed, the led, and the eminent Champion who foresaw the future, and who acted accordingly.

You are on the right track, Sir. You are on the right track, Madam. You have been a Winner for the longest while. Therefore, remain grounded, steadfast, and anchored in your Faith, and in your confident belief. “Stay The Course”, and, “All The Best” towards your safe and secure destination, and towards your Glorious Accomplishments! You are still Loved regardless. You have Faithful Followers, Dedicated Fans, and even Secret Admirers. Be Encouraged! Remain Motivated! Shun Distraction! Stay Focused! Shield Yourself (Your Mind) From The Noise! Keep Working! Keep Moving Forward! You are Triumphant! God Is With You! You Cling To God! We Stand With You! We Love You!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Loyalty And Dedication Of Our Fathers

It is with a Great Excitement, and with a Mega Enthusiasm that we say a Big "Happy Father's Day" to all the Fathers on the planet.  This is your day to Celebrate.  This is also your turn to Rejoice, to Relax, to Take It Easy, and to Have Fun on that Special Day dedicated Specially To You.

God, our Heavenly Father, has preordained you for your big mission, for your big calling.  He has also appointed you, equipped you, anointed you, empowered you, and released you for your noble and multifaceted role here on Earth.  He made sure that you do not walk alone in that journey by first sending His Son Jesus to Earth to practically lead us, to educate us on how to live among ourselves and with one another, and also to teach us how to pray.

The "Our Father" Prayer, also known as "The Lord's Prayer", (Matthew 6:9-13 / Bible / NIV) that we know today, existed for more than two thousand years, and is the official prayer that Jesus Christ Himself taught His Disciples and left us as a Legacy on "How To Pray".

Before he left to return to God the Father, Jesus Christ also promised that we will not be left alone as orphans (John 14:18 / Bible / NIV). Therefore, as part of His Love for us, He gave us the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-21 / Bible / NIV) to be with us, that we activate in us, and that we fully embrace as we accept Him into our hearts, and into our lives.

It is encouraging to know, to acknowledge, and to note that we Greatly Love our Fathers, not only our Biological Fathers, not only our Heavenly Father, but also our Ancestral Fathers who envisioned a future where "ALL The Nation's Inhabitants", where "ALL The People Of The Land" would "Live Happily Together" as per the "Legacy" that we, "Our Generation", have "Inherited From Them".

We Honor the Nation Founders, the Nation Builders, the Nation Defenders, the Nation Protectors. 

We Salute and we Pay a "Special Homage" to our Valiant Fathers (our "Heroes") who fought with their Very Lives, who paid the Price, and who made the Utmost Sacrifice for our Peace and for our Freedom.

We Revere the Fathers who were the First to create the essentials for our daily lives, i.e., electricity, boat, train, automobile, airplane, truck, road, subway, bridge, tunnel, telephone, refrigerator, and so on.

We Applaud the Fathers  who pioneered and invented radio, television, typewriter, camera, cellphone, internet.

We Uphold the Fathers who were the first in line, the first in their family to arrive, the first to make it, the first to initiate it, the first to create it, the first to generate it.

We Thank the Fathers whom, either nearly or distantly, we look up to as our Role Models, as our Teachers, as our Trailblazers, as our Trendsetters.

We Highly Regard our Fathers who, by their stellar example, demonstrate and teach us Patriotism, Pride for our Nation and for our Flag, Civic Responsibility, and Social Duty.

We Exalt the Fathers who give up all, who give us their all, and who give their all for that noble goal, for that noble ideal.

We Love our Fathers who, through their silence, their determination, their resolve, continue to work hard and painstakingly, continue to persevere, to conquer the odds and to remain steadfast in their quest for that Dear Accomplishment, and for that Big Achievement.

We Admire our Iconic Fathers who Safeguard and Protect our National Territories, who Monitor and Preserve our Space Integrity, who Secure and Consolidate our Airspace Authority and Stability.

We Celebrate our Fathers who boldly conquered the frontiers of Space, and who continue to conduct multiple research, to explore, to study, to develop, to create new ways, new products, new methods in order to improve our lives, and to assure a better tomorrow for future generations.

We Praise our Fathers who engineered "New Industries", who developed "New Business Models", who are constantly working towards "Continuous Improvement", and towards the "Betterment Of Our Society".

We Thank the Fathers that endlessly devote themselves to innovations, to inventions, and whose new products will continue to revolutionize the way that we are currently living.

We Cherish our Fathers who motivate us to do better, who empower us to go higher, who boost our self-esteem, who teach us resilience, Faith in God, Faith in ourselves, intrinsic value, self-worth, perseverance, determination, and who also teach us to see large, to thing big, to strive, and to thrive.

We Cheer up our Fathers for being Champions in Sports, Winners in Arts, Icons in Society, Leaders of Breakthroughs, for promoting a "Let's-Go" Mindset, for cultivating Excellence, and for developing a Winning Attitude.

We Congratulate our Fathers (*2) for their Encouragement, for their Acknowledgement, for their Moral Support, for their Pat On Our Back, and for Fostering Greatness, Elevation, Love, Magnanimity, and more.

Our improved lives of today have been made possible by our Forefathers who tirelessly worked very hard, and who steadfastly created the foundations and the conditions of our current daily living.  Our fulfilled living of tomorrow is secure and assured due to the Visionary Fathers of Today who are innovating, inventing, creating, and developing the advanced products, the thought-out principles, and the sophisticated technologies that are the basis and the foundations of the future.

We Thank Our Heavenly Father for who He is, and for what He represents: The Alpha and the Omega, The Beginning and the End.  

We are Very Happy to take this Golden Opportunity to Shower and to Lavish the Fathers, Our Fathers, with "Overly-Delayed", "Much-Overdue", and "Well-Deserved" Appreciation, Credits, and Praises.  This Duty and this Gesture are addressed and are applied first towards Our Heavenly Father, and specifically to the Decision and Policy Makers, to our Defenders, to our Protectors, to the Teachers, to the Scientists, to the Engineers, including the Altruists and the Philanthropists.  

We Love You All, Dear Fathers.  You are Unique, Highly-Competent, Loving, Focused, Bold, Ingenious, Strong, Courageous, Risk-Takers, Creators, Builders, Hard and Passionate Workers, Great Teachers, Selfless, Generous, Empathetic, Highly-Classy, Greatly-Honorable, and Very Powerful.  You Reign High, Elevated, Tall, and Supreme in our hearts, in our minds, and in our lives.  We are "Very Proud of You", Fathers (and "Forefathers"). We Thank You ALL Profusely. Happy Father's Day! 


Post Scriptum: As a "Very Special Treat to You", Fathers, here is a "Choir Version" of "The Lord's Prayer" (Matthew 6:9-13 / Bible / NIV) that is the "Single Most Universal Prayer" that Jesus Christ Himself taught His Disciples, and left us as His Legacy on "How To Pray". Please, Enjoy!

1. This Blog Post is Updated & Fully Re-Formatted on June 9, 2021.
(*2). New Update added on June 19, 2021.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Special Tribute To My Mother And My Mothers

This blog, although condensed in its essence and compound in its content, is a Tribute to some Great Icons that have meaningful importance and significant value in our lives.

First of all, I must give a big shout-out to All Mothers and say: "Happy Mother's Day!". This is a Celebration that is Very Unique and Majestic for it represents the Power of Nations, the Basis and the Creator of Households, the Holder and the Carrier of Hope, the Giver of Human Lives.  We Treasure our Mothers.  We Uphold our Mothers for their big role in our lives.  We Love our Mothers for our deep bond and for our multiple connections that we have inherited and developed with them.  They are Unique in their Nature, they are Special in their Stature, and they occupy a Very Special Place in our hearts, in our lives, in our upbringing, and in many other areas.

My Biological Mother: Personally I have developed a great admiration for my Biological Mother.  She was powerful, hardworking, bold, risk taking, restless in her activities, and animated with an incomparable drive for work and for life.  Her love for me was felt deeply.  She wanted the absolute best for me.  She always dreamed for me to be very smart.  On this latter note, when the first man (Neil Armstrong) landed on the moon in July 1969, she was living in Dominican Republic, and I was living with my Godmother in Haiti, my Native Land.  My Mother was so overwhelmed and so mesmerized by the event that she wanted to share her excitement with me.  She bought and sent me a book, an Encyclopedia called "Almanaque Mundial 1970" in Spanish.  This particular publication had a dark green cover, related the big lunar exploit, and contained a photo of the first man on the moon.  She wanted to make sure that I was in the loop of what was going on, and that I was informed and up-to-date regarding this great global event.  My admiration and my interest for Space activities began and grew since then.

She has transferred by her gift of that book her fascination for the Big Universe to me, and I still carry this Enthusiasm and this Passion to this day. That is why I am "Very Happy" that, Thanks to Google, I can continue to manifest my love for Space activities, first by creating a rich Collection called "Science: Space" on G+ which is no longer available for consumer (personal) and brand accounts, and next by creating a Playlist also called "Science: Space" on my YouTube Channel ("Joseph Dubois 1") (*7), where I keep my Subscribers, my Followers, my Friends, and my Connections informed and updated "weekly" about the latest information from NASA, NASA Johnson, ESA (European Space Agency), and Canadian Space Agency (CSA / ASC), and where I continue the fascination and the legacy inherited from my late Mother. (*1)

My Greatest Pleasure is to use my Google Chromecast, and to watch the LIVE: NASA Live Stream Earth From Space / Real ISS Live Feed (*5) or A Tour Of The International Space Station With Andreas Mogensen (*6) on my Large Screen / 75" TV.  We say "Thank You" to NASA for "All The Glorious Work That They Do".  We Thank God for NASA, for Science, and for Technology.

My Mother passed away in May 2017.  On Mother's Day 2017, I went shopping around for her casket while a nurse was taking care of her on her final moments, a few days prior to her passing.  I had to bury her with a beautiful silk scarf with space pictures and motif that she kept secretly in one of her big travel suitcase full of clothes and personal items that was a backup storage to her wardrobe.  I was amazed and mesmerized by my findings and by my discovery of her Space-related secrets.  She was Haitian born.  She moved to the Dominican Republic when she was four (4) years old.  She met and married my father there as well.

My Godmother was intrinsically a very strong and a very courageous woman.  After my father and my younger sister died, my mother left me with my Godmother to continue my Education in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and she returned to Dominican Republic.  My Godmother had four sons, and I became the fifth son.   This is where my intellectual education and my personal development blossomed, and I began to dive into great books  that widened and deepened my knowledge.  It was like "all-you-can-eat" reading buffet.  I was hungry and thirsty for knowledge, I ate and drank with great curiosity, with a deep appetite, and I fed my avid mind to my great satiety.

My Godmother was a deep Lover of Christ and Church.  She was a Faithful and Loyal Roman Catholic Christian, and she went to Church seven days a week.  On Sunday mornings, she took me with her to the 4:00 AM Mass.  I was so deeply entrenched in my belief and in my devotion that I even attempted to become an Altar Boy.  I did not make it to the end because I failed the admission test:  I could not master and memorize all the Latin parts for the Church Mass at that time.  Fortunately, a few years later, I did catch up on my Latin alongside with my Greek that became my Major Subjects in Secondary School (the equivalent of North American High School).  Thank God!

My Native Motherland  is "Haiti".  I Love my Native Motherland.  She is rich in Cultural Resources, in Natural Resources, in Mining Resources, in Artistic Resources, and in many other things and areas.  The people are loving, warm, passionate, friendly, with an innate sense of hospitality, with a great desire and passion for life, avid for knowledge, and full of knowledge, very intelligent, very laborious and industrious, very resilient and tough-minded, and very creative.  They love life, they have deep roots and great respect for Family.  I left Haiti forty-one (41) years ago. I went back once for less than a week to the funeral/burial of my Beloved Godmother.  I was a full-time College Student, and I could not stay longer.

My Adoptive Motherland is "Canada".  This is the place of my Personal Propulsion.  After my graduation in Ottawa (in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Drafting) (*2), I moved to Toronto to work for a great Aerospace Company that designed and built Flight Simulators, and Flight Training Devices.  I also worked as a Volunteer Broadcaster / Control Room Operator at CIUT-FM, the University of Toronto Radio for more than a decade, on three (3) distinct French-Speaking Radio Programs, Years 1988-2001. (Actual Link to One of the Three Radio Programs). I learned to play and I became a musician, first playing Drums in a band, then playing Percussion in a Church.  I also worked for a Global and an Iconic Aviation Company (on Ramp Operations) (*3) operating at the Toronto Person International Airport. I still work part-time, on an ongoing basis, on my own Online Volunteering Project #1, and my Online Volunteering Project #2. (*4)

My Spiritual Mother:  This is one of the most Dynamic and most Influential Church Pastor I know.  She is giving, self-sacrificing, and  caring.  She raises Leaders, she changes many lives, and she is a Great Philanthropist.  She deserves and earns her Credits for her Hard and Tireless Work, for her Long-Lasting Legacy, and for her Timeless Impact in our Society.  "Two Thumbs Up", and "Praises to Her" for her Continuous Work, for her Remarkable Accomplishments, and for her Great Achievements!

Concisely, this is my journey within and through the different aspects, stages, upbringing, and influences of Mothers in my life, namely, my Biological Mother, my Godmother, my Native Motherland, My Adoptive Motherland, and my Spiritual Mother.  I consider myself complete due to the strong, the unique, the priceless, and the continuous contribution of all these Mothers into my life.

I use Psalms 139:7-13 in the Bible to paraphrase and to formulate the following:

"How far away can we go to be out of the Reach, the Touch, and the Love of our Mothers?"

We remember their voices, their laughter, their advice, their jokes, their worries, their concerns, their aspirations, their dreams, their joy, their love, their cooking, their baking, their hugs, their kisses, their embrace, their pilgrim walk with us, their Mister-Mom "strong" discipline, their forgiveness, their sacrifices, their boldness, their bravery, their gifts jealously kept, secretly hidden, and joyfully given, to name just a few.  And the list continues.  They embed the core fabric of our lives, and of our being. We Love You, Mothers. I Love You All, My Influencing and Beloved Mothers.


Note: This Blog Post is Updated on June 14, 2021.


Updates List:

(*1) Update added on May 9, 2022.

(*2) Update added on May 2, 2024.

(*3) Update added on May 2, 2024.

(*4) Update added on May 2, 2024

(*5) Update added on May 6, 2024.

(*6) Update added on May 6, 2024.

(*7) Update added on May 7, 2024.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

GOD's LOVE: Our Endless Theme

The following describes, reflects, and reveals additional Power and Attributes of GOD's LOVE as personally lived, learned, experienced, observed, and inspired.
  1. GOD’s LOVE is Eternal: It is our Endless Theme, and the Main Reason for our Worship.
  2. GOD’s LOVE leads us to truly “Love Ourselves First” in order to better understand, to better appreciate, to better "Love Our Neighbor", and in order to Live in Deeper Harmony, in Mutual Greatness, in Greater Acceptance, and in Exemplary Peace with our Neighbor.
  3. GOD’s LOVE replaces our darkness with Light, our obsolescence with Relevance, our limitations with Abundance.
  4. GOD's LOVE changes us to become salt that gives flavor to tastelessness, and that impacts lives for the better.
  5. GOD's LOVE commands our Usefulness, and recommends our Fruitfulness.
  6. GOD's LOVE stimulates our deep studies, motivates our self-development, activates our continuous improvement, propels us to "Study More" in order to build our individual self-confidence, and to intrinsically be Very Strong, Powerful, Mature, Secure, Respectable, and Responsible Citizens.
  7. GOD’s LOVE grants us our Wealthy Minds, and our Rich Mindset to enjoy our abundance, to rejoice for our resources, to appreciate our surroundings, to protect, to preserve, to safeguard ALL Our Assets, and, like Job in the Bible, to design, to create, to work diligently, and to treasure our substantial living in "Our Land of Great Wealth".
  8. GOD’s LOVE makes us Trusted Builders and Entrusted Creators with the Mission to Add Value, with the Mandate to Improve Lives, to Upgrade our Living, and to Enhance our "Personal Status" and our "Collective Standing".
  9. GOD’s LOVE brings us Great Joyfulness to multiply our Happiness, and magnify God's Endless Joy in us, always, here, and everywhere.
  10. GOD’s LOVE motivates us to be practical, to maximize our potentials, and to re-invest our benefits for continuous growth purposes.
  11. GOD’s LOVE makes us Smart and Very Wise to Renew our Minds in Greatness, to Upscale our Thinking, to Invest in diversity, and to Harvest multiplicity, productivity, strong prosperity, great publicity, fruitfulness, and Happy Results.
  12. GOD’s LOVE gives strength to the needy, and pulls up the weak to higher ground.
  13. GOD’s LOVE stimulates us to do research, to learn from our Big-Brother Philanthropist, from our Big-Sister Altruistic-Developer, to Emulate Them (as our "Role Models"), to be Successful and Prosperous, to Practice and to Perpetuate Altruism, to Generate and to Provide Solutions, to Uplift and to Strengthen the World as per GOD's LOVE for the World.
  14. GOD’s LOVE dictates us to have Big Faith, to persist, to persevere, to Believe, to cultivate Hope for Better Days, and for Better Outcome to prevail.
  15. GOD’s LOVE compels us to step up, to seriously assess ourselves, to find ourselves, to develop ourselves, to correct and improve ourselves, to achieve Bigger Things, to do and accomplish Greater Things, to act in Due Diligence, to work with Great Excellence and with Full Competence, and to Be Happy about ourselves. (Our Time for the Next Level is Now).
  16. GOD’s LOVE surely opens our minds, illuminates our thoughts, and enlarges our hearts to accept and embrace our neighbor’s progress, achievements, and success.  GOD’s LOVE makes us willing and ready to share with our neighbor, to rejoice for our brother’s growth, improvements, and well-being, to celebrate for our sister’s stepping-ups, accomplishments, advancements, and milestones.
  17. GOD’s LOVE expands our creative imagination, our innovative minds, our pioneering abilities, our developing capabilities for the betterment of our surroundings, of our circles, and of Our Society as a whole.
  18. GOD’s LOVE facilitates our awareness, initiates our discernment, and opens our eyes to be alert, sharp, awake, proactive and vigilant.
  19. GOD’s LOVE leads us to think highly, to behave richly in accordance with our wealthy nature, our bountiful substance, our plentiful abundance, and in consistency with our Prosperous Status in Him.
  20. GOD’s LOVE has blessed us Abundantly, Profusely and Richly with Google™They Lavish Us Opulently with:  Chrome, Chrome Web Store, Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, the Absolute Best of Android, Google Play, the Quintessence of Technology, and the List goes on and on.  As Good Samaritan, They have "Removed the Barriers and the Boundaries" to our Capabilities.  They have made it possible for us to Try, to Decide, to "Freely" Create, to Innovate, and to "Thrive Exceedingly and Endlessly" far beyond what we could possibly Dream, Imagine, and Think.
  21. GOD’s LOVE prevails in all, through all, in spite of all, and testifies of His Omnipresence, His Omnipotence, and His Omniscience.
  22. GOD’s LOVE deserves our Endless Praise, and is worthy of our Supreme and Infinite Worship.
  23. GOD’s LOVE is our Precious Gift that we uphold, that we treasure, and that confirms our Important Status in Him. (*1)
The list above is succinct and condensed, is based on a personal glimpse from an individual perspective, and is solely for the purpose of this blog post.  The Depth, the Width, the Magnitude of GOD's LOVE are too vast to grasp, too amazing for human minds to fully comprehend, and too immense for human lives to fully experience.

You are invited to Post Your Comments in the Comment Section.  Please, Share Your Opinions, and Tell Us what You Think!

(*1) Updated September 19, 2021: "Line Item Relocated From #2 to #23".