Monday, May 6, 2024

Quotes And Thoughts

I have used Blogger, this current blog platform, for a long time now, and I like it. The different themes, the styles, and the variety of options that are available, allow for unique creativity, flexibility, and versatility.

The theme I have chosen opens the door and makes way to great freedom in terms of the additions and the updates that are required and needed.

To this end, I have added a widget / section titled "Quote & Thought" that is a component on the formatted right side of the blog post. The Quotes and the Thoughts are an invitation towards meditation, an introduction towards introspection, a topic towards group discussion, a starting point to initiate conversation, a "Fruit For Thought", and much more.

This blog post entitled "Quotes And Thoughts" is an ongoing compilation of the quotes and the thoughts that I was inspired to write, and that I have published to-date and over time. I also added linked Bible Verses to encourage the reading of the Bible, to usher and to prompt the "Non-Christian" Reader to an initial introduction and presentation of the Bible. From this point, the Reader begins to develop a curious interest for the Bible, and is happy and motivated to delve deeper, to dig, and to search the Bible further by their subsequent return and their continuing exploration via their motivational reading. The Reader, gradually, also gets a larger understanding that is being driven by Spirit-led Teachings, plus, Spirit-led Eureka Moments, Discoveries, and Findings. The resulting and ensuing Enlightenment is then Fabulous and Awesome.

I am very pleased, very thrilled, and very happy to list the "Quotes And Thoughts" for you, and to share them with you, Faithful Visitor and Loyal Reader, as a means of access, as a point to connect, and as a reminder to your previous and ongoing reading. They are listed from the latest / actual post to the first published post.

To conclude, I must say a Very Big "Thank You" To Google for providing us with Blogger, this 100%-Free Platform whose possibilities are endless, countless, and unlimited. I must equally say a Very Big "Thank You" To You, Cheerful Reader & Avid Visitor, for your Loyalty and your Faithfulness over the years.

Happy Reading! 💎

Special Note:
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  6. As a Powerful Motivation, I wholeheartedly suggest the reading of the blog post entitled: "Congratulations, Great Champion!".

Post Scriptum:
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Quotes & Thoughts List:

🏆 "We Greatly Appreciate, We Cherish, We Uphold, & We Treasure Our GOD-Given Opportunities, Our Passion, Our Willingness, Our Motivation, & Our Commitment To Serve, To Reach out, To Be A Solution, & To Be GOD's Hands Extended."  Joseph G. Dubois.  [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Matthew 5:13-16 (The Book Of "Matthew", Chapter 5, Verses 13 to 16  / NIV)🥇

1/2: "Thank You, LORD, For Our Anointing, For Your JOY In Our Hearts, For Your Constant LOVE In Our Lives.  We Thank You, LORD, For Your Infinite Blessings, & For Your Steady Provisions To Us & Our Families."  Joseph G. Dubois.  [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Psalms 121 (The Book Of "Psalms", Whole Chapter 121 / NIV)]
❤ 2/2: "We Also Thank You, LORD, & We Praise You "In Advance" For Your Peace In Our Hearts, For Your Omniscient Ways In Our Urgency / Emergency Case(s), For Your Omnipotent Solution To Our Challenging Situation(s), & For Your Glorious Miracle In All Areas Of Our Lives.  May Our Prayers, Our Requests, & Our Intercessions Be In Line & In Consistency With Your Will."  Joseph G. Dubois.
  • Suggestion #1: List Or Say The Name(s), &/Or The Case(s), &/Or The Situation(s), &/Or The Condition(s)* Being Prayed For & Being Interceded For.
  • Suggestion #2: Read Or Pray To GOD Fervently & "With Faith" Using The Bible: Psalms 91 (Whole Chapter); Psalms 23 (Whole Chapter); & "The LORD's Prayer" (Matthew 6:9-13 / NIV).
  • Suggestion #3: Wait On The LORD "With Confidence"; Believe GOD For "HIS Miracle"; Let Go & Let GOD Be GOD "In Trust".
  • Suggestion #4: Repeat Suggestions #1, #2, & #3 At Will, As Needed, As Being Led, As Being Guided, &/Or As Being Prompted By The Holy Spirit.  
  • *Note: As A Faith-Building Declaration, & As A Faith-Proclaiming Example and Exercise, This Song Is A Very Powerful Testament.

❤ "We Dwell In GOD's Glory. GOD's Glory Dwells In Us. GOD's Glory & We Are One." Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Psalms 8:3-5 (The Book Of "Psalms", Chapter 8, Verses 3 to 5 / NIV)]

❤ "The More We Love, The More We Succeed, We Prosper, We Give, We Abound, We Forgive, We Bear Fruits, & We Thrive." Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Luke 10:27 (The Book Of "Luke", Chapter 10, Verse 27 / NIV)]

🎈"GOD's Plans & Purpose For Our Lives Are Perfect, Genuine, Immovable, & Immutable. Therefore, We Are Thankful, Steadfast, Focused, & Unwavering." Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Psalms 1:1-3 (The Book Of "Psalms", Chapter 1, Verses 1-3 / NIV)]

🎄 "Our LORD Triumphs & Conquers All. We Rejoice, We Love, We Glorify, & We Celebrate His Majesty, King Jesus Christ." Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Psalms 150:6 (The Book Of "Psalms", Chapter 150, Verse 6 / NIV)]

🏆 “We Thank GOD Wholeheartedly For The Fruitful & For The Abundant Harvest That Is Being Multiplied Exponentially." 🥇 Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Matthew 28:19 (The Book Of "Matthew", Chapter 29, Verse 19 / NIV)]

🏆 "GOD's LOVE For Us Is Our Portion. GOD's GIFT To Us Is Heavenly, Spiritually, & Earthly Ours. What Is Ours Is Ours." 🥇 Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Psalms 23:5 (The Book Of "Psalms", Chapter 23, Verse 5 / NIV)]

🏆 "We are Very Pleased & Very Happy to "Go" and to Reach Out To “Non-Christians" using Our Love, Our Obedience, Our Willingness, Our Skills, Our Gifts, & Our Talents For GOD's Glory." 🥇 Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: John 9:4 (The Book Of "John", Chapter 9, Verse 4 / NIV)]

🏆 "In Our Hearts, In Our Minds, With Our Voices, & With Our Individual 'Mouth', We Vow & We Commit To Praise GOD, To Honor HIS Glorious NAME, & To Exalt HIS MAJESTY." 🥇 Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Psalms 8:1 (The Book Of "Psalms", Chapter 8, Verse 1 / NIV)]

🕊 "We Acknowledge & We Live In The Holy Spirit's Omnipotence, Omnipresence & Omniscience." 🕊 Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Psalms 150:1 (The Book Of "Psalms", Chapter 150.1, Verse 1 / NIV)]

🏆 "We Have Strong Faith & We Believe In GOD. We Cling Life-saving-ly To Him." 🥇 Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Psalms 91:1 (The Book Of "Psalms", Chapter 91, Verse 1 / NIV)]

🏆 "We Thank GOD For His LOVE, For Our Lives & For The Harvest. We Praise, We Honor & We Worship GOD Always." 🥇 Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Psalms 23:1 (The Book Of "Psalms", Chapter 23, Verse 1 / NIV)]

🏆 "Christmas Is Love. GOD's LOVE For Us Elevates Us All & Celebrates Us Always. We Wish You A Merry Christmas." 🥇 Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Matthew 2:11 (The Book Of "Matthew", Chapter 2, Verse 11 / NIV)]

🏆 "We Persevere By Faith & We Get The Reward. We Invest By Faith & We Reap The Harvest." 🥇 Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Matthew 28:19-20 (The Book Of "Matthew", Chapter 28, Verses 19 & 20 / NIV)]

🏆 "As Proud, Concerned & Responsible Citizens, We Are Very Proud & Very Happy To Fulfill Our Civic Duty With Love & With Passion." 🥇 Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Mark 12:43-44 (The Book Of "Mark", Chapter 12, Verses 43 & 44 / NIV)]

🎈 "We Thank GOD For Our Lives, For Our Health, For Our Faith, For Our Families, For Our Friends, For Our Acquaintances, For Our Willingness, For Our Abilities, For Our Decision & For Our Commitment To Use Our Gifts, Our Skills & Our Talents To Volunteer, To Work For Him & To Serve Him." Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: John 14:12 (The Book Of "John", Chapter 14, Verse 12 / NIV)]

🏆 "We Stand By Faith. We Believe By Faith. We Move Forward By Faith. We Stay The Course By Faith. We Succeed By Faith. We Made It By Faith." Joseph G. Dubois. [Bible Verse Reading Suggestion: Hebrews 11:6 (The Book Of "Hebews", Chapter 11, Verse 6 / NIV)]