Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Least In The Crowd: Get Up & Move Ahead!

Some of us just cannot help it except to simply convince themselves, to accept the fictive fact, to live with the deceptive thoughts and to embrace the self-imposed reality that they are the “Least”.  The neighbor’s grass is always greener than theirs.  In these cases, it is not covetousness.  It is an overpowering sense of helplessness, the uncontrollable acceptance of the convincible fact to some of us that, since they are not in the spotlight, not so popular, not so powerful, not so successful like Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. So-and-So, they are automatically the “Least” (*1).

This is a self-belittling perception that prevailed since biblical times when some of the Israelites see themselves like grasshoppers to their own eyes compared to the giants in the land that was given to them by God Himself (*2).  “The Least” then choose to create the divide inside of them and accept the unfortunate fact that they are simply little. And they live comfortably in their “(Magnified) Little’s World”, somehow dreaming for a better life, for a better living condition, and they fully embrace the world of “Little People” (in their mind) like themselves without any willingness to strive to  improve that self-attributed status or to change that state of their mind.

In our days, these Great People (“the Least” to themselves), that are full of great ideas, full of good things to say, to do, to give and to share, end up excluding themselves from active participation in social life and social activities.  Some would even decide to give up categorically their basic and fundamental Civic Rights such as voting during democratic Election times at all levels (National, Federal, Provincial, Municipal, et cetera) in their country, in their localities or counties, a rights (a legacy) that many have fought or died for in the historical past to obtain for them, them that are now, today, the posterity of yesterday.  Some of them (“the Least”) are so entrenched in their detached position that they do not listen to the news on the radio, or watch the news on television to have some idea or some awareness of what is going on.  They live in the confined circle of their immediate families and close buddies, and that’s it.  They accept their self-imposed fact that they do not count, that society can do well without them, and/or that they have no power and no influence to impact things, or to change things.  They simply give up.  And their lives go on.

God, the Master Creator, never intended to create people that would be considered to be Little, or Nobodies, or the Least.  Each one of us is God’s Masterpiece, entitled to His unconditional Love, heir to His Promise of everlasting life, entitled to universal Salvation through Jesus Christ, entitled to the same civic, legislative and universal rights, and capable of impacting positively the world, the lives around them and their immediate communities and surroundings.  That is why, as mature and responsible Citizens, we dearly thank God for blessing us with and for placing us under the Leadership of Great Politicians, of Great Prime Ministers or of Great Presidents who know who they are, who understand and embrace what their mandate entails, and who deliver competently according to the Promise they made during their Election Campaign, by overcoming challenges and obstacles.  Responsible Governance deserves our Collective Appreciation, our Utmost Respect and the Genuine Testimony of our Renewed Satisfaction as we pledge to Support them fully in the course of their Term in Office.  “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s” (*3).

Since we are uniquely, “fearfully and wonderfully made” (*4) for God’s purpose, our divine responsibility makes us Laborers for God (*5) in His developing the world, and God’s Servants and Helpers in resolving issues, in solving problems, in upgrading the world to its latest refinements and to its utmost standing for the betterment and for the benefit of all.

David, the sheep keeper, was considered the “least” in his family.  We have two accounts of this fact: (#1), when Samuel the Prophet came to anoint the future King of Israel on God’s behalf, even his own father Jesse did not consider him worthy nor did he present him to the Prophet who, in the end, did insist and did ask if there was not “another one” (*6).  (#2), during the standoff of terror between Goliath and Saul’s army, one of David’s own brothers to whom he was sent to bring food did ask him what he was doing there, and to go and be with his sheep where he belongs.  Thank God David insisted to stay in the battle field.  He ended up silencing his brothers once and for all, impressing King Saul, killing Goliath with his greatest weapons (his faith in God and a sling) and the most unthinkable ammunitions (“one” of the five smooth stones that he picked and that was divinely directed), chopping Goliath’s head, restoring God’s respect, reputation and dignity for ever (*7), elevating the image and the prestige of his own family and obtaining all the subsequent benefits and prizes that completed the whole package (*8).

Ananias (*9), another lesser-known by all, yet best known only by God Himself, was the one specifically chosen by God to pray for Saul of Tarsus in order for him (Saul of Tarsus) to regain his sight after being blinded by God Himself while on his way to Damascus to legally persecute the Christians. 

Gideon, when visited by the angel of the LORD to fight against the Midianites, did confess to the LORD that he is the “least of the weakest clan in Manasseh” (*10).  The LORD had to break the news to him, had to reveal to him that he is a “Mighty Warrior” (*11) and had to instill faith and confidence in him through giving him several signs for him to fully accept his role and his assignment.

Obed Edom, another non-prominent and lesser-known, had the Ark of God transiting in his house for three long months (*12).  What a great honor it was for someone of such lesser prominence.

That is how amazing and how glorious it is to go from being the “Least”, the unknown, the lesser-known by men, to having instantaneous prominence and recognition through God’s will.  In Gideon’s case for example, the LORD had to do the persuading work Himself.  And God will again do to you the marketing of yourself to yourself by presenting to you the real and true picture of yourself for you to fully agree and accept who you are as per God’s design for God’s plan.  God will not brainwash you.  This is not His type or His style.  God will however download to you a new revelation of yourself to yourself for you to accept your calling, your mandate, your assignment, and His requested help from you to Him for His divine purpose.  God will always encourage, uplift and strengthen you.  Therefore, we should also convince ourselves that “God will never leave us or forsake us” (*13), and that he will be with us and go with us in anything He asks us to do or to partner with Him for His Glory.

Eleazar (*14), was the Great Example of someone that accepted who he was, that knew who he was and that decided to confirm it and to demonstrate it to David.  Eleazar was one of David’s mighty men while David was in the cave.  Eleazar jumped on the occasion and seized the opportunity to distinguish himself (along with two other men) by crossing the enemy line to go and get water for David when David needed water to drink.  However, David was so moved by that heroic gesture and by that act of unthinkable bravery that he decided not to drink the water and, instead, he poured out the water to the Lord because he considered that water to be like these men’s blood for undertaking such a perilous risk.

God does not create the “Least”.  Since we are created spiritually equal in God (He equally loves each one of us), God does wish and does expect that each one of us distinguishes oneself by accepting, embracing, performing, executing and following through at the appointed time.  That is another example of what we (mankind) also call “miracle” (which in this case is synonymous of “unprecedented achievement”), and that is how God’s glory is being revealed and manifested throughout the Earth.  We all have our role to play individually.  We are encouraged to be alert, by faith, for God’s appointed time(s), and to recognize, to utilize, to maximize the opportunity(ties), the time(s) and the season(s) for God’s purposes when they arrive and as they present themselves to us.  As a reminder, these opportunities may be just for a short time, for a limited season and might not last forever.

In the meantime, this is a call for you (for us) to serve in our communities, to get engaged in the affairs of our country, to help our fellow citizens, to do something, to initiate something, to get involved, to participate, to be active, to generate momentum.  Do not sit back and remain passive.  I, the writer of this blog, have more than two decades of being involved as a volunteer in several aspects and facets of social life, in political campaigns, in faith-based activities, in short-term missionary work, and the list goes on.  When your blood is running to the pulse of help, improvement and productivity, nothing can diminish your enthusiasm.  That is why I am writing this blog and doing other things in addition to my full time work, to my ongoing studies and to my constant learning, because it is part of me to be active, to occupy my time, to stay connected and to be productive.  I do not waste my time with trivial, unproductive and dead-end stuff that produces no results.  I budget my time (including fitness activities) and I follow through with my time management.

With that in mind, your time has come to take action constructively, positively towards changing that thought pattern (of the least), towards reversing that state of mind and towards becoming the “new you”.  The bible recommends “to be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (*15).  Therefore, it is time to set that great personal goal, to start that wonderful community project, or to begin that great enterprising project.  You are on your way to change the time, to reverse that “lesser status” and to become the positive model or that great role model that you were made to be.  Therefore, you may decide to start modestly and small to get the feel of it, to gain confidence, and gradually you would expand as per the possibilities and the opportunities.  Do your homework, do your research.  Get involved somehow in the activities of your community, in your place of employment.  Find out what your Elected Leaders are doing, where they are going, and support them, their endeavor(s) or their project(s) as you can.  Believe it or not, they need you (us), they need your (our) support.  It is not us versus them.  It is “all of us” together for the good of our Country.  Look to the great achievers, read about them and learn from them. Look around you, begin to thank God for all that you have and appreciate your surrounding.  You are alive today which means that you are already victorious through God and as per God’s omniscience.  Therefore, maximize your blessings. 

Start a family project.  Be active and be involved even on one project and/or in one Ministry  in your Church or in your place of worship.  Study and improve yourself always.  Take that course you always dreamed to take for your own good and/or for the benefit of others.  Be positive and constructive.  Also be creative, innovative and inventive.  Do not be stuck.  In all and through all, you pray, you pray and again you pray thanking God and asking God always for further guidance and directions.  Learn and begin to compliment and to encourage somebody on a continuous basis: your positive words are good seeds in fertile ground.   Remind yourself constantly that you are the spice that adds flavor to the lives around you.  Therefore, put a smile on someone’s face on God’s behalf and for God’s pleasure.  Develop and nurture a cheerful and positive attitude: you are a therapeutic agent to those connected to you.  Do not slack off.  Do something and be active one way or another.  Go to the library, get a library card, and begin your exploration and your endless journey.  If you like a topic, a subject, a craft, a leisure, an art, a sport, a hobby, or whatever it may be, begin to read about it, subscribe to magazine(s) about it,  and develop some connections in relation to it.  If you do not know how to use a computer, it is not too late at all.  Age is just a number and is not the state of your heart.  Therefore, learn as early and as soon as possible to use a computer and to utilize the internet:  the knowledge of these tools is the best asset you may possess in this modern day and age.  Make your days and your time count.  This suggestions list can go on forever. 

This is a reminder to yourself that, effective immediately, you are no longer the Least to yourself, or to others, or to nobody, or in the crowd, or wherever you may happen to be.  As of today, you are the Head, the Leader in your surrounding and in your chosen field.  You are studying diligently to improve your status, to be better equipped, to be divinely self-content, and to eradicate forever any self-belittling thought, or sign, or tendency, or trace from inside of you and from within you.  You are fulfilling your position with your head lifted high and with all due Respect for your Boss, your Supervisor, your Manager, your Sr. Manager, your Co-Workers, your Colleagues, and for Everybody, including the Customer and the Client. You are performing your duty joyfully as per your assigned role, as per your love for your job, as per the present reality of your life, and as per the imperative of the hour.  Therefore, be encouraged, be uplifted, take your place and make the conscious decision to move ahead confidently and according to your dreams and to your goals.  Your time has come to stir up, from now on, the Capable Achiever and the Effective Doer that you are and that were laying latently inside of you as per God's deposit.  You have the Ability and, by Faith, You Can turn the course of things positively for your own benefit.  Therefore, Do Not Hesitate.  Just Go For It (Go for What is Divinely Yours) and Make God Happy about His Special and Precious Creation that You Are.  We wish you All The Best.       
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Special Notes
#1.  The "Reference" list above is given solely for information purposes to the avid, the curious and the eager minds like us who like to do research, who want to deepen their knowledge and to widen their understanding in their leisure time.  Life is fun.  Therefore, let us have some fun while digging for, while learning and while sharing the right information.

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