Friday, February 14, 2020

The Power Of Forgiveness

Luke 23 Verse 34, in the Bible, relates and reminds us of the words of Jesus while agonizing on the cross after being crucified: "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."

One may also extrapolate into saying that "they do not grasp and they do not understand" the gravity, the impact, the ramifications, the consequences for their actions.  By harming Jesus into killing Him, they have created the opportunity and paved the way for Christianity to be born, and for us, today, to witness, to attest, and to confirm that Jesus Christ is LORD.

Those that hurt us, wrong us, harm us, sabotage us, mess us up, rob us of our peace, and so on, have paved the way for God's Greater Glory in our lives, in our affairs, and in our circumstances by their purposeful actions.  From their position of ("anticipated") victory, they would have never imagined or understood that they were, in fact, working for our own benefits, and that all their forceful and tricky actions were totally a Pure Waste and a Vain Exercise.  What a fate for a presupposed victor that becomes a victim by their own hands, due to their own ("boomeranged") actions against us!

They have underestimated the seriousness of our God towards us.  They also have an erroneous idea about our God's ability and willingness to "Defend" us and to "Protect" us. Our Top and Number-One Priority is to Focus Fully on our God's-Assigned Duties, to work in full diligence, in full seriousness, with full passion, and to let God take over everything else on our behalf, for our good sake, and for His Glory.

Forgiveness is an "Elevated Form of Self-Love" that is based on what we know, based on what we have, based on who we know that we are, based on our Insight, based on our Foresight, based on our Divine Revelations that are individual and specific to us.  Our Love for Ourselves is so High, so Elevated, so Rich, and so Substantial that we can afford the Magnanimous Decision and Gesture to Forgive Wholly and Largely without any limitation or restriction.

We have to Forgive in order to conquer the odds, in order to soar, to "fly higher" as an eagle, and in order to Reign and to Rule Our Territory (i.e., our hearts, our minds, our lives, our thoughts, our space, our time, ...).  The source, the reason, the instrument of our turmoil must know and got to witness that they are the catalysts for our Greater Divine Glory.  Our Forgiveness to them is our acknowledgement of our "Newly-Generated Power" (resulting from their actions), and is our way to say "Thank You" to them for putting us to the test, and for us passing the test with "flying colors" and with "evident results". (While going through the test, we Design, we Create by Choice, we Innovate, we Build, we Develop, we Serve, we Work Hard, we Study with Passion out of Self-Love and out of Civic Duty, we Learn, we Teach Ourselves, we Educate Ourselves, we Motivate, we Uplift, we Produce, and we Achieve).

We have passed the test not only because of our inherent ability to overcome, but mainly because of God who is with us, in us, ahead of us, and all around us forming an invisible shield that protects us.  Therefore, our awareness, our conviction, and our acknowledgement of God's Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience are our Main Goal and our Top Priority.

Forgiveness is like a form of preemptive strike against self-defeat that can creep into, and that can invade our system and our being due to anger, grudge, long-held resentment, naivety, and more.  Forgiveness gives us a heads-up advantage on our way to Victory that is an indication and a tangible proof of God's Power and Glory.  Forgiveness coupled with our Prayers and with our Willingness to "Let Go" and to "Let God" take over and handle the file, is extremely powerful.  It is like an investment that we make, and that surely and evidently yields unlimited dividend forever. 

Forgiveness sets the stage for our Greater Rejoicing.  It empties us of self-destructive feelings, of self-damaging emotions to make room for our unlimited freedom and for our bountiful joy right now, and that are to come.  We cannot go wrong when we Forgive.  We are then able and ready to make way for, and to experience the "Big Relief" and the "Happy Break" that are reserved for those that have "Endured", and that have "Persevered" by Faith.

Forgiveness is beneficial to the other side (the other party) for it releases them (the Recipient, the Beneficiary) from their captivity in our hearts, in our minds, and from our retaliatory and our revengeful thoughts towards them. Forgiveness is beneficial also to us (the Blessed Ones, the Blessing Providers) because we are delivered, liberated, and healed from our sickening thoughts to get even, and from our desire to avenge the wrong that we have experienced. Forgiveness is also therapeutic: It cleanses the acidity (the "bitterness"), and it exhausts the toxicity (the "infectious contamination") from our system.

As we Forgive, God increases our innate and our inherent abilities, and grants us Special Favors in our dealings with others, and in our Relationship and our Communion with Him. I, the writer of this blog, am so convinced about this latter belief that I recently made a "very long list" of the names of all those that have wronged me and messed me up since my childhood up until now, all the names that I can remember, and that I am praying for.

I am formulating Forgiveness towards them to free them up from my past and my sad memories, towards a mutual "renewed mind" (Romans 12 Verse 2) and a new mindset, and towards my ascent to my next level with God (sort of speak), and in Life. In Forgiving Them, I am Blessing Them, I am Releasing Them, I am Erasing Them from my "Grudge and Resentment List". I am also genuinely Forgiving Myself and, subsequently, I am Blessing Myself in the process. Consequently and as a result, blockages are removed, the pipe / the conduit / the channel of our blessings is unclogged, our blessings are flowing freely and with ease, and the odds / the anomalies are reversed into Wonders, Divine Favors, and Miracles.

We got to be Very Serious, Relevant, and Practical. That is why we have to Forgive The Past and we have to "Make Peace with The Past" in order to Eradicate Stagnation, in order to Alleviate (or to Eliminate) Our Struggles, in order to Consolidate The Tangible, in order to Activate Our Greater (Our "Next Level") Blessings, in order to Fully Progress, to Fully Advance, and to Fully Succeed.

Therefore, let us Trust God and Rest Assured that our battles are the Lord's, and that He is in Full Control of everything and of all outcome. Let us be the Indisputable Winners and the Mighty Conquerors due to our Compliance to Jesus's Prayer Teaching to His Disciples (Matthew 6 Verse 12) / (Full Prayer, Matthew 6 Verses 9 to 13), due to our Obedience to Jesus's Advice to His Disciples (Matthew 6 Verse 14 & Verse 15), and also due to our Genuine Willingness to Forgive. Let us Receive, Accept, and Enjoy our Victory and our Glorious Rewards that "Only Forgiveness" can bring.

Forgiveness Authenticates our Good Will, Stimulates our Open Door, and Facilitates Genuine Reconciliation and Peace. Forgiveness is also a Tangible Way, a Concrete Form, a Practical Gesture, and an Evident Proof of Our Love for Our Neighbor (and of the Well-being of Our Brothers and Our Sisters). Forgiving One Another is Highly Recommended.

Let us Rejoice and Celebrate "The Power Of Forgiveness", Now and Forever! Cheers!