Sunday, April 14, 2019

GOD's LOVE: Our Endless Theme

The following describes, reflects, and reveals additional Power and Attributes of GOD's LOVE as personally lived, learned, experienced, observed, and inspired.
  1. GOD’s LOVE is Eternal: It is our Endless Theme, and the Main Reason for our Worship.
  2. GOD’s LOVE leads us to truly “Love Ourselves First” in order to better understand, to better appreciate, to better "Love Our Neighbor", and in order to Live in Deeper Harmony, in Mutual Greatness, in Greater Acceptance, and in Exemplary Peace with our Neighbor.
  3. GOD’s LOVE replaces our darkness with Light, our obsolescence with Relevance, our limitations with Abundance.
  4. GOD's LOVE changes us to become salt that gives flavor to tastelessness, and that impacts lives for the better.
  5. GOD's LOVE commands our Usefulness, and recommends our Fruitfulness.
  6. GOD's LOVE stimulates our deep studies, motivates our self-development, activates our continuous improvement, propels us to "Study More" in order to build our individual self-confidence, and to intrinsically be Very Strong, Powerful, Mature, Secure, Respectable, and Responsible Citizens.
  7. GOD’s LOVE grants us our Wealthy Minds, and our Rich Mindset to enjoy our abundance, to rejoice for our resources, to appreciate our surroundings, to protect, to preserve, to safeguard ALL Our Assets, and, like Job in the Bible, to design, to create, to work diligently, and to treasure our substantial living in "Our Land of Great Wealth".
  8. GOD’s LOVE makes us Trusted Builders and Entrusted Creators with the Mission to Add Value, with the Mandate to Improve Lives, to Upgrade our Living, and to Enhance our "Personal Status" and our "Collective Standing".
  9. GOD’s LOVE brings us Great Joyfulness to multiply our Happiness, and magnify God's Endless Joy in us, always, here, and everywhere.
  10. GOD’s LOVE motivates us to be practical, to maximize our potentials, and to re-invest our benefits for continuous growth purposes.
  11. GOD’s LOVE makes us Smart and Very Wise to Renew our Minds in Greatness, to Upscale our Thinking, to Invest in diversity, and to Harvest multiplicity, productivity, strong prosperity, great publicity, fruitfulness, and Happy Results.
  12. GOD’s LOVE gives strength to the needy, and pulls up the weak to higher ground.
  13. GOD’s LOVE stimulates us to do research, to learn from our Big-Brother Philanthropist, from our Big-Sister Altruistic-Developer, to Emulate Them (as our "Role Models"), to be Successful and Prosperous, to Practice and to Perpetuate Altruism, to Generate and to Provide Solutions, to Uplift and to Strengthen the World as per GOD's LOVE for the World.
  14. GOD’s LOVE dictates us to have Big Faith, to persist, to persevere, to Believe, to cultivate Hope for Better Days, and for Better Outcome to prevail.
  15. GOD’s LOVE compels us to step up, to seriously assess ourselves, to find ourselves, to develop ourselves, to correct and improve ourselves, to achieve Bigger Things, to do and accomplish Greater Things, to act in Due Diligence, to work with Great Excellence and with Full Competence, and to Be Happy about ourselves. (Our Time for the Next Level is Now).
  16. GOD’s LOVE surely opens our minds, illuminates our thoughts, and enlarges our hearts to accept and embrace our neighbor’s progress, achievements, and success.  GOD’s LOVE makes us willing and ready to share with our neighbor, to rejoice for our brother’s growth, improvements, and well-being, to celebrate for our sister’s stepping-ups, accomplishments, advancements, and milestones.
  17. GOD’s LOVE expands our creative imagination, our innovative minds, our pioneering abilities, our developing capabilities for the betterment of our surroundings, of our circles, and of Our Society as a whole.
  18. GOD’s LOVE facilitates our awareness, initiates our discernment, and opens our eyes to be alert, sharp, awake, proactive and vigilant.
  19. GOD’s LOVE leads us to think highly, to behave richly in accordance with our wealthy nature, our bountiful substance, our plentiful abundance, and in consistency with our Prosperous Status in Him.
  20. GOD’s LOVE has blessed us Abundantly, Profusely and Richly with Google™They Lavish Us Opulently with:  Chrome, Chrome Web Store, Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, the Absolute Best of Android, Google Play, the Quintessence of Technology, and the List goes on and on.  As Good Samaritan, They have "Removed the Barriers and the Boundaries" to our Capabilities.  They have made it possible for us to Try, to Decide, to "Freely" Create, to Innovate, and to "Thrive Exceedingly and Endlessly" far beyond what we could possibly Dream, Imagine, and Think.
  21. GOD’s LOVE prevails in all, through all, in spite of all, and testifies of His Omnipresence, His Omnipotence, and His Omniscience.
  22. GOD’s LOVE deserves our Endless Praise, and is worthy of our Supreme and Infinite Worship.
  23. GOD’s LOVE is our Precious Gift that we uphold, that we treasure, and that confirms our Important Status in Him. (*1)
The list above is succinct and condensed, is based on a personal glimpse from an individual perspective, and is solely for the purpose of this blog post.  The Depth, the Width, the Magnitude of GOD's LOVE are too vast to grasp, too amazing for human minds to fully comprehend, and too immense for human lives to fully experience.

You are invited to Post Your Comments in the Comment Section.  Please, Share Your Opinions, and Tell Us what You Think!

(*1) Updated September 19, 2021: "Line Item Relocated From #2 to #23".

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