Sunday, June 16, 2019

Loyalty And Dedication Of Our Fathers

It is with a Great Excitement, and with a Mega Enthusiasm that we say a Big "Happy Father's Day" to all the Fathers on the planet.  This is your day to Celebrate.  This is also your turn to Rejoice, to Relax, to Take It Easy, and to Have Fun on that Special Day dedicated Specially To You.

God, our Heavenly Father, has preordained you for your big mission, for your big calling.  He has also appointed you, equipped you, anointed you, empowered you, and released you for your noble and multifaceted role here on Earth.  He made sure that you do not walk alone in that journey by first sending His Son Jesus to Earth to practically lead us, to educate us on how to live among ourselves and with one another, and also to teach us how to pray.

The "Our Father" Prayer, also known as "The Lord's Prayer", (Matthew 6:9-13 / Bible / NIV) that we know today, existed for more than two thousand years, and is the official prayer that Jesus Christ Himself taught His Disciples and left us as a Legacy on "How To Pray".

Before he left to return to God the Father, Jesus Christ also promised that we will not be left alone as orphans (John 14:18 / Bible / NIV). Therefore, as part of His Love for us, He gave us the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-21 / Bible / NIV) to be with us, that we activate in us, and that we fully embrace as we accept Him into our hearts, and into our lives.

It is encouraging to know, to acknowledge, and to note that we Greatly Love our Fathers, not only our Biological Fathers, not only our Heavenly Father, but also our Ancestral Fathers who envisioned a future where "ALL The Nation's Inhabitants", where "ALL The People Of The Land" would "Live Happily Together" as per the "Legacy" that we, "Our Generation", have "Inherited From Them".

We Honor the Nation Founders, the Nation Builders, the Nation Defenders, the Nation Protectors. 

We Salute and we Pay a "Special Homage" to our Valiant Fathers (our "Heroes") who fought with their Very Lives, who paid the Price, and who made the Utmost Sacrifice for our Peace and for our Freedom.

We Revere the Fathers who were the First to create the essentials for our daily lives, i.e., electricity, boat, train, automobile, airplane, truck, road, subway, bridge, tunnel, telephone, refrigerator, and so on.

We Applaud the Fathers  who pioneered and invented radio, television, typewriter, camera, cellphone, internet.

We Uphold the Fathers who were the first in line, the first in their family to arrive, the first to make it, the first to initiate it, the first to create it, the first to generate it.

We Thank the Fathers whom, either nearly or distantly, we look up to as our Role Models, as our Teachers, as our Trailblazers, as our Trendsetters.

We Highly Regard our Fathers who, by their stellar example, demonstrate and teach us Patriotism, Pride for our Nation and for our Flag, Civic Responsibility, and Social Duty.

We Exalt the Fathers who give up all, who give us their all, and who give their all for that noble goal, for that noble ideal.

We Love our Fathers who, through their silence, their determination, their resolve, continue to work hard and painstakingly, continue to persevere, to conquer the odds and to remain steadfast in their quest for that Dear Accomplishment, and for that Big Achievement.

We Admire our Iconic Fathers who Safeguard and Protect our National Territories, who Monitor and Preserve our Space Integrity, who Secure and Consolidate our Airspace Authority and Stability.

We Celebrate our Fathers who boldly conquered the frontiers of Space, and who continue to conduct multiple research, to explore, to study, to develop, to create new ways, new products, new methods in order to improve our lives, and to assure a better tomorrow for future generations.

We Praise our Fathers who engineered "New Industries", who developed "New Business Models", who are constantly working towards "Continuous Improvement", and towards the "Betterment Of Our Society".

We Thank the Fathers that endlessly devote themselves to innovations, to inventions, and whose new products will continue to revolutionize the way that we are currently living.

We Cherish our Fathers who motivate us to do better, who empower us to go higher, who boost our self-esteem, who teach us resilience, Faith in God, Faith in ourselves, intrinsic value, self-worth, perseverance, determination, and who also teach us to see large, to thing big, to strive, and to thrive.

We Cheer up our Fathers for being Champions in Sports, Winners in Arts, Icons in Society, Leaders of Breakthroughs, for promoting a "Let's-Go" Mindset, for cultivating Excellence, and for developing a Winning Attitude.

We Congratulate our Fathers (*2) for their Encouragement, for their Acknowledgement, for their Moral Support, for their Pat On Our Back, and for Fostering Greatness, Elevation, Love, Magnanimity, and more.

Our improved lives of today have been made possible by our Forefathers who tirelessly worked very hard, and who steadfastly created the foundations and the conditions of our current daily living.  Our fulfilled living of tomorrow is secure and assured due to the Visionary Fathers of Today who are innovating, inventing, creating, and developing the advanced products, the thought-out principles, and the sophisticated technologies that are the basis and the foundations of the future.

We Thank Our Heavenly Father for who He is, and for what He represents: The Alpha and the Omega, The Beginning and the End.  

We are Very Happy to take this Golden Opportunity to Shower and to Lavish the Fathers, Our Fathers, with "Overly-Delayed", "Much-Overdue", and "Well-Deserved" Appreciation, Credits, and Praises.  This Duty and this Gesture are addressed and are applied first towards Our Heavenly Father, and specifically to the Decision and Policy Makers, to our Defenders, to our Protectors, to the Teachers, to the Scientists, to the Engineers, including the Altruists and the Philanthropists.  

We Love You All, Dear Fathers.  You are Unique, Highly-Competent, Loving, Focused, Bold, Ingenious, Strong, Courageous, Risk-Takers, Creators, Builders, Hard and Passionate Workers, Great Teachers, Selfless, Generous, Empathetic, Highly-Classy, Greatly-Honorable, and Very Powerful.  You Reign High, Elevated, Tall, and Supreme in our hearts, in our minds, and in our lives.  We are "Very Proud of You", Fathers (and "Forefathers"). We Thank You ALL Profusely. Happy Father's Day! 


Post Scriptum: As a "Very Special Treat to You", Fathers, here is a "Choir Version" of "The Lord's Prayer" (Matthew 6:9-13 / Bible / NIV) that is the "Single Most Universal Prayer" that Jesus Christ Himself taught His Disciples, and left us as His Legacy on "How To Pray". Please, Enjoy!

1. This Blog Post is Updated & Fully Re-Formatted on June 9, 2021.
(*2). New Update added on June 19, 2021.

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