Sunday, September 15, 2019

Stay The Course

To have a strong faith is to know convincingly that you have genuinely done the right thing in God’s eyes, that your heart is in good standing with God, and that your conscience is at peace with God.

God’s Omniscience knows all truth, knows everything about you, about your heart, about your life, and about your circumstances. God knows how hard you have tried to please Him, to honor His requests, to execute His commands. God knows how hard you work in your desire to fulfill your duty and to accomplish your assigned tasks. God knows the pressure you constantly experience in order to stand strong, to remain steadfast in your calling, to deliver as per the requirements of your position, and to meet the demands of your job. He has prepared you since when you were in your mother’s womb for the demanding requirements of your assignment.

You cannot stop. Your cannot give up. You cannot quit. You cannot give in. You have to buckle up. You have to tighten your belt. You have to fasten your seat belt. You have to gird your heart. You have to ride the storms. You have to remain strong. Ultimately, you have to fly above the clouds, and you have to navigate as per the Powerful Conqueror that you are. You have to surround yourself with the Brave, the Street-Smart, the Faithful, the Prayerful, the Dedicated, and the Wise at heart. You have to have Faith in God. You have to nurture and to develop strong confidence in yourself. Above all, you have to be in clear conscience with God. And, you have to be in good standing with God. He will brighten your path, He will clarify your vision along the way. You are “In God’s Good Hands”. God’s Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience cover you, defend you, protect you, shield you in all and through all. His Plans through you, His Chosen One, will prevail regardless and nevertheless. Simply, be alert, be wise, and be attentive to His Voice, to His Instructions, and to His Commands.

There is a time when, under the pressure of the reality of the hour, your close friends, your close allies may desert you. It even happened to Jesus Himself when one of His closest allies / disciples denied knowing Him out of fear. (Bible/NIV/Luke 22:54-62)

God will never leave you or forsake you. (Bible/NIV/Joshua 1/Read Full Chapter). He will never be ashamed of you. He will never stay away from you. He will never drop you. He will never reject you out of disdain, out of repulsion, out of disgust, out of being fed up with you, out of getting enough of you. He will never disappoint you. He is Omnipresent. He is Omnipotent. He is Omniscient. He is Compassionate. He is Tenderhearted. His LOVE is Unfailing. His arms are wide opened, ready to embrace you, eager to accept you, willing to hug you, happy to comfort you.

Deep down, and very seriously, you know that you are right, and you know that you have done the right thing(s). Yet, the storms are raging around you and against you, circumstances and events seem to portray a cloudy and gloomy picture regarding you and concerning your deeds. You seem lost in the misunderstanding of others. Remember this: The mob around Jesus was shouting “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”, Him, The Sent-One who came to save the World, and to redeem us all, the sinners and the lost.

You "Stay The Course", no matter what. Although you do good, yet your reward seems to be evil. Although you sow good, yet you seem to reap chaos and havoc. You mean good due to the fact that you have a different perspective as per your strategic standing point. Yet, nobody else sees what you see. Nobody else knows what you know. The people are “not” in your shoes. There are things that they will “never” know, that they will “never” grasp, and that they will “never” understand. They have abandoned Jesus. Therefore, who are we to think that we will always have smooth sailing, that we will be exempted from indifference, from coldness, from misunderstanding, that we will always have friends, co-operators, allies to support us, to encourage us, to motivate us, to sympathize and to empathize with us? The good news is that God is with you, Sir, God is with you, Madam. Therefore, You absorb the heat, You withstand the pressure, You ride the storms, You manage the adversity, You control the hostility, You anchor your Faith in God. You can do it. You were created in God’s image. You have the Holy Spirit leading you, guiding you, teaching you, directing you. You Are Not Alone.

When all is done and completed, when the blowing winds subside, when the roaring waters calm down, when the fury of the storm is gone, all will realize that you were right all along, that you have done the right thing. The truth will be revealed, the outcome will speak eloquently on your behalf, and the evident reality will do you justice. You will stand as the pro-active, the informed, the led, and the eminent Champion who foresaw the future, and who acted accordingly.

You are on the right track, Sir. You are on the right track, Madam. You have been a Winner for the longest while. Therefore, remain grounded, steadfast, and anchored in your Faith, and in your confident belief. “Stay The Course”, and, “All The Best” towards your safe and secure destination, and towards your Glorious Accomplishments! You are still Loved regardless. You have Faithful Followers, Dedicated Fans, and even Secret Admirers. Be Encouraged! Remain Motivated! Shun Distraction! Stay Focused! Shield Yourself (Your Mind) From The Noise! Keep Working! Keep Moving Forward! You are Triumphant! God Is With You! You Cling To God! We Stand With You! We Love You!

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