Monday, December 9, 2019

Welcome Home

The following examples in the Bible are used to illustrate and to introduce a very important point.
  1. A certain man was giving a banquet.  All the preparation was done, the table was set, and none of the invited guests showed up.  The host master then asked his servants to go to all the streets and alleys, to invite and to bring in to the banquet the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame. (Bible/NIV/Luke 14:15-24).
  2. A lame and handicapped man named Mephibosheth was living a normal life and a routine day when, suddenly, the King, King David, sent looking for him, and to bring him to the palace for him to eat at the King's table. (2 Samuel 9:7); (Bible/NIV/ 2 Samuel 9/ Whole Chapter).
  3. The prodigal son, upon returning home after regaining his senses, was received jubilantly by his father who put on a feast and a big celebration for him.  The father said: "For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found."  (  (Bible/NIV/Luke 15:11-31).
  4. The shepherd that lost a sheep, left the ninety-nine sheep to go and look for the single sheep that was lost.  When he finds it, he carries it on his shoulders to make sure that he brings the lost sheep back home to be with the other ninety-nine sheep where it belongs.  (Bible/NIV/Luke 15:3-7) (
The point to justify and to confirm the examples listed above is this: Each one of us is a VIP ("Very Important Person"), and Highly Important to God.  Whether we think and feel unworthy to fit in, whether we have wandered far away from our place of divine status and of strong standing, whether we carry any form of stigma, or guilt, whether we are stained, or stigmatized, we are still "Very Precious To God".  Jesus Christ, our Father, has left His Throne in Heaven to come to Earth looking for each one of us.  Our current self-imposed status of unfit in our minds, our current unstable and shaky state due to our circumstance "do not" and "will never" deter Jesus from loving us.  He is determined to make sure that we get uplifted, that we are restored, that we stand strong, that we make it, and that we get a sound way out of our turmoil and out of our hardships being imposed by our condition, and by our circumstance.  He is our Beloved Father. He will "never" forsake us, or ignore us on purpose. He is eager to see us joyful and happy as we live our lives to the fullest in accordance with His Plan for us, as we come Home, and as we return Home where we belong.

Like in the case of the lost sheep being carried back home on the shepherd's shoulders, like in the case of lame Mephibosheth being uplifted and honored by King David himself, like in the case of the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind being specifically searched for on the streets and being officially invited to partake at the Host's banquet,  like in the case of the prodigal son that sparked great joy in the heart of his father upon his voluntary return home, Jesus Christ is saying joyfully to each and every one of us: "Welcome Home".  He came to Earth more than two thousand years ago to teach us, to guide us, and to usher us Home. Jesus Christ is still on the job today through His Faithful, His Tireless, His Passionate, His Loyal, His Devoted, and His Holy Spirit-Filled Servants to teach us, to guide us, and to usher us Home.

In case you need to locate a Bible-believing Church in your area and in your surroundings, we recommend that you use Google Maps on your electronic device, and that you search for "Evangelical Church" or "Christian Church" to find a Church near you, and to initiate your journey.  The Church Personnel is friendly, warm, loving, inviting, "non-discriminating", and welcoming. The Church's arms are wide open, ready to accept you, and willing to embrace you.  It is Worthwhile. It is Priceless.

Welcome Home!

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